SARA ALEXANDRA PELÁEZ, otherwise known as Little Fang, is an artist of several mediums: writing, filmmaking, and fine visual arts. She utilizes storytelling to create opportunities to empathize and encounter the experiences of others. Her skills are applied towards her own work as well as towards commissioned works and collaborations.

Little Fang spent some of her formative years video editing, honing her craft in moving images. She took these talents with her to Colombia, South America, where she chronicled her adventures in her first web series at age 17. From there, she pursued film school at Ithaca College, where she wrote and directed the award-winning short film Magia. After deciding the inferential film school path was not for her, she pursued Fine & Applied Arts at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she studied New Media art and design.


Attending U of I gave her the interdisciplinary education she was seeking. During her undergraduate career, she was awarded with the Roger Ebert Fellowship for Film Criticism for her writing. She attended Sundance under the mentorship of IndieWire and RogerEbert.com. While in Urbana, she interned at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and helmed the NCSA Historical Digitization Project.


Sara has also interned, freelanced, and been staffed on professional film and video productions.

Since the completion of her Bachelor's in May of 2018, she has been based in her home city of Chicago, Illinois, where she continues to freelance, write, and create every day.