I suppose to have a blog, one ought to start one, and to start one, you must write your inaugural blog post. Dunk my head in dictionaries and baptize me, and I am now a blogger. This is now a space for my writing, which means oysters ad-infinitum, if that's what the world is.. (quick tangent, I have never seen the reason in that idiom, though I will admit, it's one I keep in my back pocket, in-between "carpe diem" and "yaas queen").

The next point of business is to declare the point of my blogging. Well, beyond the bathrooms and baths my writing will someday pay for, I aim to use blogging as a means towards several goals: 1. to practice my writing, to hone, adore, and love the craft of words. To be a writer, I must absolutely, consistently, and often drown in words. Thankfully, I have my life of writing-inclination to thank for whatever writing talent I might currently have. While I study the mountainous achievements of writers like Eleanor Catton, Paulo Coelho, Maggie Nelson, Wesley Morris, and enchanting composers still unknown to me, I will collect dirt and earth, tricking it into thinking I'm a tectonic plate, and will will it into mountain-hood. 2. To practice my storytelling, to conceptualize and work through characters, collisions, and worlds. And I do think those two things do not go hand-in-hand. Why else would someone hand a treatment of a story over to a screenwriter? At this point in my storytelling/screenwriting, I think one of the biggest struggles is making any one character black or white, and I don't mean racially. Characters like Cersei Lannister (GOT) or Pablo Escobar (Narcos), that you loathe for their wickedness and are compelled with compassion for. This, of course, comes with practice, and later, mastery. But I can't get too ahead of myself, though that is my default form of self-sabotage. 3. To practice my criticism of "entertainment," and I do mean that broadly. I'm talking films, music, articles, literature, anything under the sun that snares someone into paying attention to it, and in some cases, feel something about it. Not to come across like I'm a hard-laugh, or a hard-anything for that matter, but with all the meta-comedy and evolutions of artistry and technology we're surrounded by, I find it hard not to regard any artist that holds my attention as anything less than touched by [a] genius. People may disagree, but I refuse to think audiences are as dumb as some jaded creators believe them to be. But allow me to get down from this rickety box.. 4. To learn more about audiences, like you reader, if you've gotten this far. To see what kind of following I might garner, if I am lucky enough to get to that point. A friend of mine, a photographer, texts me today: "Create your own path and market. Make it so hard that they can't ignore you." As much as I like these words, and am compelled to believe he's right, there're vague bits left for me to parse out. And after all, to market, you gotta know who you're talking to, and I'm not sure what my audience demographics might look like yet. All your faces are still blurry to me, but I also have yet to see an optometrist.

And after all this, perhaps, this can be the beginning of something new.

*mic drop